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Sebastian Junger’s War — Enthusiasticast Episode 12

Mark endorses Sebastian Junger’s War. We also mention… The Lost finale Post-finale Jimmy Kimmel The No Prize The Prisoner finale (Fallout) Junger on The Daily Show (USA and Canada) Junger’s interview at ew.com Junger’s review of Matterhorn The Restrepo Movie … Continue reading

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Daniel Suarez’s Daemon (again) and Freedom™ — Enthusiasticast Episode 11

In a follow up to episode two, Jon endorses Daniel Suarez’s Freedom™ and we revisit Daemon. Yes there are spoilers. We also mention… Neal Stephenson’s Snowcrash William Gibson’s Neuromancer Daniel Suarez at The LongNow Foundation (fora.tv) Gamer The May 6, … Continue reading

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