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Darth Schwarzenegger

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Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim v6 — Enthusiaticast Special Edition

Jon endorses Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Finest Hour: Scott Pilgrim Volume 6. We also mention… Scott Pilgrim Vol 6 Release Party at the Beguiling The Swedish film of The Girl That Played with Fire Wikipedia entry for Scott Pilgrim Official … Continue reading

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Months Later, This Review of Phantom Menace Still Kills

This is an oldie but still link worthy. RedLetterMedia (site / channel) — aka some guy in his kitchen in Minnesota — did a seven part critique of why the Phantom Menace sucks and why George Lucas should be run … Continue reading

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Freedom™ By Daniel Suarez — It’s Not A Conspiracy, It’s An Economy

I caught up with Freedom™ Daniel Suarez’s sequel to The Daemon, a book I was enthusiastic about a few weeks ago. I was so keen on Daemon I immediately dove into Freedom and it has taken me a few weeks … Continue reading

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