For Guests / Publicists

We love having guests on the show. Past guests include Sex, Bomb, and Burgers author Peter Nowak (episode 4) and Sean Cranbury from Books On The Radio (episode 17) and Truly, Madly, Deadly author Julie Wilson/Becca Wilcott (episode 28).

Potential Guests

You or someone you know wants to be on The Enthusiasticast? That is amazing. Thanks for your interest. Here is what you can do…

  • Send us an email (“hello” at this domain) and let us know what works for you.
  • OR reach out to @mdash on Twitter.
  • OR send a presskit to…

The Enthusiasticast
Box 82 Station B
Toronto, ON
M5t 2T2

Confirmed Guests

Here are the things you need and need to know:

  • We record on Sunday nights.
  • You will need a phone… or even better a Skype account, a computer, and usb headphones. Send us your number or your Skype name before the show. We will call you.
  • Pick a book and be prepared to tell us why you love it. It would be great if you didn’t pick your own book, but if you do let us know.
  • Other than that, we hope it’s fun. Thanks for participating.

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