Deborah Feldman’s Unorthodox — Enthusiasticast Episode 80


Special guest Taylor Stevens endorses Deborah Feldman’s Unorthodox.

There is a story behind this episode.

It was recorded right before Christmas in 2011. I really dug The Informationist. I was super keen to chat with Taylor. The second Vanessa Munroe book was on the way. I emailed her and she graciously agreed to come on the show. Jon and I both read The Innocent. The day came. We called Taylor. The phone connection was horrible. WE made her change phones. Twice. The connection still wasn’t great. Jon and I fumbled some questions. You can hear the motor in my fridge turn on at one point. We talked anyway. As you can hear from the recording she’s great — an absolute pleasure to interview — and so modest about her meteoric blast to the top of the bestseller list. It was so good we talked for a while after I stopped recording.

So the conversation was a big high. The quality of the show was embarrassingly low.

I fussed with it a bit. I was hoping that I could clean up the audio somehow. When nothing worked I gave up in despair. The files stayed on my system in a shambles. The show went on an unplanned hiatus. The worst of it is I then did nothing. I deeply regret not at least emailing Taylor to let her know what a disaster it all was. I was too ashamed so if you read this Taylor I am so sorry.

With that said, Taylor’s new book The Doll, landed this summer, and she has a fourth on the way next year. She clearly hasn’t missed a beat.

The show, edited to my best ability, is attached.

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