Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One — Enthusiasticast Episode 72


Jon endorses Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One.

We also mention:

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2 Responses to Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One — Enthusiasticast Episode 72

  1. @MarkLeslie says:

    Another great episode! Thanks, guys! Always love listening to the show.

    I loved Jon's review and explanation of READY PLAYER ONE and have GOT to read it! Actually, have GOT to listen to it. I love listening to Wil Wheaton – my first experience listening to him was the audio/podcast version of his book JUST A GEEK, which, Jon, based on your love of his reading and your own love of READY PLAYER ONE, I'm sure you'd really enjoy. In it, Wheaton talks about growing up on TNG, what it was like being the "hated Wesley Crusher" as well as behind the scenes with the other ST actors, as well as meeting "William Fucking Shatner" as Wheaton calls him. It's hilarious, touching, memorable and really well written (and well read by Wheaton himself – I highly recommend that book – see link) –

    Keep up the awesome work, guys!

  2. @jentwist27 says:

    I'm listening to this as I type. They are on the third gate….singing the school house rock song…I love all the 80's reference and Wil Wheaton seems like the perfect voice. Thanks for the recommendation, guys!