While You’re Waiting

New shows are coming soon, we promise, but until then here’s some supplemental reading to go with two of our past recommendations. And they’re free!

Back in Episode 51 Mark was enthusiastic about Ian Tregillis’ Bitter Seeds. If you took him up on that, then you definitely want to check out this short story over at his publisher’s website. And if you didn’t then you still should. “What Doctor Gottlieb Saw” works perfectly as a standalone historical sf short, and it also serves as a nifty prequel to the events of Bitter Seeds. (Sadly, there is still no firm release date on Bitter Seeds’ follow-up The Coldest War. Apparently it’s written, though. It has a cover and everything.)

And I’ve gone on about Max Brooks’ World War Z a bunch of times. So here’s a nifty short story from Brooks about what the vampires thought when the stupid fucking zombies ate all the livestock. (Oh, and they’ve announced a release date for the WWZ film starring some middle-aged bloke named Brad Pitt: December 21, 2012. Mr. Pitt has apparently been travelling back and forth to the “set” using vehicles called “cars”, which he occasionally gets into or out of. It is a fascinating ritual and must be extensively documented. For science.)

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