Joshua Ferris’ The Unnamed — Enthusiasticast Episode 62


Jon endorses Joshua Ferris’ The Unnamed.

We also mention…

Music: Thanks to Drift for licensing ‘Invisible’ under creative commons.

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2 Responses to Joshua Ferris’ The Unnamed — Enthusiasticast Episode 62

  1. fuzzytypewriter says:

    Thanks for the shout on the show! Three hours is sort of unheard of for us, but it's such a huge topic. And 52 books is a lot. Thought about splitting it up, but I find myself listening to shows in dribs and drabs regardless of the length anyway, so I figure why not go whole hog.

    I'm even more glad about the mention because it led me to your show. I love the name and the model, and will be listening regularly.

    • Jon says:

      Awesome! Thanks for the kind words as well – I'm a fan. And I'm actually excited about the three hours. I think it's what the topic needs, at least from the POV of industry-watchers like me, and I wanted to make it clear how much short-shrift I was going to give it in my 2 minute sound bite.Sent from my iPhone