Kelly Link’s Pretty Monsters — Enthusiasticast Episode 55


Jon endorses Kelly Link’s Pretty Monsters

We also mention:

Music: Thanks to Drift for licensing ‘Invisible’ under creative commons.

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6 Responses to Kelly Link’s Pretty Monsters — Enthusiasticast Episode 55

  1. Tom says:

    I have had Pretty Monsters sitting on my shelf since it came out. I first read a Kelly Link story (Stone Animals) in the 2005 Best American Short Stories collection. It blew me away. So good and so weird. Your show made me want to grab it and sample a story. I'm reading The Pale King, which is good–really good–but it's long and not a quick read. It's nice to break up those kinds of books with some short stuff.

    By the way, thanks for the shout-out on the show. It made me feel a *little bit* guilty for not ever updating my website, but, you know.

  2. Juanita Hernandez says:

    Thanks for recommending Pretty Monsters. I had never heard of Kelly Link but she sounds a like my kind of writer.
    I just got The Radleys but this will be next in the pile.

    • comment // mb says:

      Hah I have The Radleys on my reader. Let me know if I should give a go.

      • @gothicyarn says:

        I just finished The Radleys and I liked it quite a lot so I would say give it a go. Not your average vampire novel but there is blood…and a book club. Sort of a vampire crime noir family drama with characters you can relate to in their struggle to accept who they are so they can become who they want to be. A satisfying read and ending.

        • Jon says:

          “blood…and a book club.”I can't explain it, but it's the ellipsis that sold me there :) Sent from my iPhone