I Think I… Love You

If you’re anything like me then every now and again you go trolling through Amazon, entering the names of favourite authors in hopes that one of them might have announced a new book. And if you’re even more like me then on most days those fishing expeditions net a whopping haul of ‘not much’ and ‘very little’.

But every now and again you find the solicit for Wild Thing, the follow-up to Beat the Reaper, Josh Bazell’s compulsively readable and hilariously-footnoted debut novel about a former hitman-turned-surgeon-in-the-witness-protection program.

From the product description:

It’s hard to find work as a doctor when using your real name will get you killed. So hard that when a reclusive billionaire offers Dr. Peter Brown, aka Pietro Brnwa, a job accompanying a sexy but self-destructive paleontologist on the world’s worst field assignment, Brown has no real choice but to say yes. Even if it means that an army of murderers, mobsters, and international drug dealers-not to mention the occasional lake monster-are about to have a serious Pietro Brnwa problem.

For more reasons why Bazell–who makes his daily bread and butter as a proper medical doctor–is awesome, check out his terrifying answers to oddball medical questions in a feature on Chuck Palahniuk’s website called ‘Sorry You Asked’.

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