One Day

Despite the absence of a trailer (what are they waiting for?) we now have a poster, which I love. Rather than a bland, context-free medium-to-close shot of the leads–bronzed, airbrushed and smiling (or some combination of smiling/smug/shocked)–we have a proper  scene in which Hathaway and particularly Sturgess are almost completely unrecognizable. I dig everything about this poster, from the motion and emotion of the figures, to the desaturated colours, to the backslash seperating the leads’ names.

Between this and the fact that they are costuming right out of the book (see Hathaway’s dress in the pic below), I feel like there is both thoughtfulness and faithfulness behind this adaptation.

One Day releases July 8, with Larry Crowne the week before and Friends With Benefits two weeks after. That’s a good month for fans of romance.

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One Response to One Day

  1. jentwist27 says:

    Thanks for the pics! These little peeks into the movie and your enthusiasm are calming my nerves. It's hard to let Hollywood hijack the visual I already have in my head of Dexter and Emma. I totally agree that the poster is the right tone – less about the stars and more about the story.

    Of course, the last time I got excited about Hathaway I suffered through the most painful Oscar night of my life…I'm giving you a second chance, Anne – don't let me down!