Masked edited by Lou Anders — Enthusiasticast Episode 38


Jon endorses Masked, edited by Lou Anders.

We also mention…

Music: Thanks to Drift for licensing ‘Invisible’ under creative commons.

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2 Responses to Masked edited by Lou Anders — Enthusiasticast Episode 38

  1. @jentwist27 says:

    Hi Mark and John,
    Just catching up on the few podcasts I missed while on vacation and I was really excited to hear that Markus Zusak has another book in the works although it doesn't sound like it's coming out any time soon. If it's even half as good as The Book Thief it will be worth the wait. You didn't get into any of his other books but if you haven't read I Am The Messenger I would enthusiastically recommend it.

    Still totally loving the podcast – you guys make my commute fly by.

    • Jon says:

      Hi Jen,
      Your timing is great, since I was totally gearing up to dive into Zusak's backlist. Had planned to start with 'Fighting Ruben Wolfe' because I am a laissez-faire boxing fan, but I can't pass up a personal recommendation–'I Am the Messenger' wins!
      Thanks for the kind words,