If Only We Could Read Faster (for November 23)

If time and money were infinite, this is what we would buy and read.
(I’m not picking these books based on colour scheme, I swear.)


Twice now authors have turned up in the comments after we mentioned their book. I say this so that (a) you will be impressed with my restraint next week when I pass on mentioning Monica Bellucci’s new photo book, and (b) to say that while I sincerely want to read both of these books, I have also briefly considered the notion that Martin and Pegg will both show up, become pals, do legendary work together, and that I will be listed in a hotly-contested Wikipedia article as ‘cyber-midwife to comedy greatness’.

I mean, come on, ‘Martin and Pegg’? That’s an ampersand away from legendary already.

An Object of Beauty
Steve Martin
Martin’s excellent autobiography Born Standing Up could have been a case study for the ’10,000 hour rule’–the theory,  popularized by Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, that it requires 10,000 hours of hard work to attain world-class proficiency in any field. He’s had a similarly long run-up to novel writing as he did to stand-up comedy, having published two novellas, a children’s book, a collection of essays, and the aforementioned autobiography over the last 11 years.
The reviews I’ve read would indicate that it was not at all wasted effort.

Nerd Do Well
Simon Pegg
Some bios you read for historical value, and some you read for prurience, and some you read because they contain a fictional parallel narrative entitled The Adventures of Simon Pegg and Canterbury and the Mystery of the Scarlet Panther and the Star of Nefertiti and the Tablet of Amonhotep IV.
That’s why I read Unbearable Lightness, and it’s why I’m reading this.
(Review. Video.)

Gentlemen, the comments are yours.

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