If Only We Could Read Faster (for October 5)

If time and money were infinite, this is what we would buy and read.



Parker: The Outfit
Darwyn Cooke
I may have mentioned this one before.
If you’ve read Parker: The Hunter then you don’t need our encouragement. If you haven’t read The Hunter then dear Lord, what are you waiting for.
The Enthusiasticast wholeheartedly recommends this book.

Where Good Ideas Come From
Steven Johnson
We have always wanted to know where good ideas came from. So that we could hunt them. And mount them on the wall of the Enthusiasticave.
Watch this awesome video.

How to Beat Up Anybody
Jonah Friedlander
“Bigfoot feet are the Bigfoot’s most dangerous weapons. Never try to fight a Bigfoot at full foot power.” You can’t buy that kind of incisive and practical martial arts advice. Except now you can.

Tokyo Vice
Jake Adelstein
Obviously you buy Penthouse Australia for the articles. But maybe somehow you missed this one. Jake Adelstein is an American who worked the crime beat for a Japanese newspaper and also got actual yakuza (Japanese mafia) to review the game Yakuza 3 for boingboing.net. Read this interview and then just try not to buy his book, now in an increased dollars-to-awesomeness ratio paperback edition.
(Oh, btw, that link… NSFW. Obv.)

Ice Cream and Sadness: Cyanide and Happiness, vol. 2
Kris, Rob, Matt and Dave
Most of this is free on the internet already, but there’s 30 new, exclusive strips in here. These are men who obviously cannot be allowed to turn to a life of crime. Give them your money.

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3 Responses to If Only We Could Read Faster (for October 5)

  1. I just read Parker: The Hunter last week and was thrilled that The Outfit came out so soon after I finished the first one. But it made the last page that much harder: "Parker will return in 2012"


    • comment // mb says:

      Hey Michael, nice to see you here. It almost makes you want to read the original novel doesn't it? The other option is to wait until he issues all the volumes. I can't bring myself to do either #modernproblems Thanks for stopping by. :-)

  2. Jon says:

    Well, there was a 15-month gap between The Hunter and The Outfit, so that most likely means January 2012, but still, I feel you. Any wait is painful.

    Here's a great interview with Cooke after The Hunter came out. http://ifanboy.com/content/video/iFanboy_-_Episod…. Cut to 20 minutes in if you want to hear him talk about the speed at which draws, which is–especially by modern standards–FAST!