If Only We Could Read Faster (for October 26)

If time and money were infinite, this is what we would buy and read.



The New Biographical Dictionary of Film (5th Edition)
David Thomson
Organized by personality and not afraid to be subjective, this exhaustive survey of international film is the kind of thing we could get lost in for… well, it’s 1088 pages and we read slow. A long time.

The Mind’s Eye
Oliver Sacks
Have you ever wondered if when you look at a thing and someone else looks at the same thing, are you actually seeing the same thing or are you just agreeing on the word for that thing? We have, and this book is totally about that.

David Moody
Do you remember when Jon was enthusiastic about Hater? Well, this is the first of a series of four self-published novels Moody wrote before that book. Sadly, by the time Jon got to the party they were out of print. Happily, that all ends tomorrow.

The Last Run: A Queen & Country Novel
Greg Rucka
For a comics-loving, spy-loving anglophile like Jon, nothing is better than Rucka’s stories of British esionage agents. The stories have flipped back and forth between graphic novels and prose novels, and this one (prose) looks like the end of the road (?) for Tara Chase, Rucka’s greatest fictional creation. If you’re looking for the ground floor you’ll want to be getting Queen & Country: The Definitive Edition, Volume 1. It’s a lot for a little.

Two Generals
Scott Chantler
Jon actually got an advance copy of this one, so a slight break from format. This is a graphic biography of Chantler’s grandfather’s experiences in WWII. If you are any of these: (a) related to a veteran, (b) Canadian, (c) a war history buff, (d) someone who appreciates masterful comics storytelling, or (e) someone who likes stunning book design, you are going to adore this book. Between this and Alan’s War there is some kind of weird war comics memoir renaissance going on.

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2 Responses to If Only We Could Read Faster (for October 26)

  1. emerge says:

    Hi guys! I found your podcast on itunes the other day when I was looking for stuff on William Gibson prior to seeing him at the IFOA in Toronto. Excellent to find that you had David Mitchell stuff in the same podcast – that wasn't what I was looking for but he was the other half of the event and the actual reason i was going. (The event was great – really really great – although the interviewer seemed out of it, asked awkward questions and didn't even make the Japanese connection till late in the conversation, in a lame sort of way. (Um, I really hope he wasn't like a friend of yours or something.) Incidentally, I also saw Emma Donoghue. And probably other people you have talked about. Festivals are fun. )

    So… I liked your podcast. I LOVE your name. I like what you're doing – I have my own infinite-time-and-money lists for sure.

    But why I looked you up was that I was wondering where you're from. But your About section doesn't help with that info. You seem Canadian. Are you in Vancouver? You also seem to know my high school friend Sean Cranbury.

    Have fun with all the books!

    • comment // mb says:

      @Emerge Thanks for the comment. So happy you found us in iTunes when there is so much on William Gibson there. I heard on Twitter that the event absolutely killed. So sorry to have missed it. And yes we are local. Toronto book scene for the win. If you like DM, tell us what else you have been reading and loving. Always curious to know…