Muriel Sparks’ The Comforters — Enthusiasticast Episode 28


Special guest Julie Wilson (aka The Book Madam) endorses Muriel Spark’s The Comforters.

We also mention…

Music: Thanks to Drift for licensing ‘Invisible’ under creative commons.

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2 Responses to Muriel Sparks’ The Comforters — Enthusiasticast Episode 28

  1. @jentwist27 says:

    I love that you guys are talking about Muriel Spark! I just "discovered" her as well and enthusiastically recommend Memento Mori. I'm a new listener (another Books on the Nightstand fan) and I'm thoroughly enjoying catching up on all the old postcasts. You've got a great rapport. Its fun to listen you guys crack each other up and swear etc. Don't ever think you need to get more formal – this format is great.

    • comment // mb says:

      Awesome Jen. Thanks for listening. Re: Memento Mori: more disembodied voices. I am sensing a trope. Thanks for your kind words. I hope the show continues to be satisfying for you. Go BOTNS!