If Only We Could Read Faster (for September 28)

If time and money were infinite, this is what we would buy and read.


Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk
by David Sedaris, with illustrations by Ian Falconer
Much like David Rakoff from last week’s post, Sedaris is a very funny essayist who made me buy his book by being awesome on late night television, in this case an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman in which he read from Me Talk Pretty One Day. I’m very curious to see what Sedaris does in this collection, which is a foray into short fiction featuring… talking animals?
Review and excerpt at NPR.

Out of the Dark
by David Weber
I love the high concept here so much that it’s almost sure to disappoint, but I don’t care. Click through to some of the links if you don’t mind the early twist being spoiled—it was for me, and that’s what got me excited about this book—but the un-spoiled version is that Earth gets invaded by aliens, aliens kick massive ass, humans receive aid from “out of the dark”. Spoilery spoiling spoilers.

The Living Dead 2 
After reading The Walking Dead, World War Z and Hater, it turns out I really like zombie fiction. This anthology has new short prose pieces by the authors of all those books—Robert Kirkman, Max Brooks and David Moody—and many, many more. 500 pages for 12 bucks and change? Sold!

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