Trailer Park


On an upcoming podcast we’ll be talking about all the many (many) movies based on books coming to theaters this fall. Somehow we managed to miss the fact that Danny Boyle’s eagerly anticipated 127 Hours was based on a memoir. The first trailer dropped this week. (Do people know the story here? The trailer barely hints at it, but when you know what happens it is just all creeping dread from start to finish.)

One of the books-into-movies we did talk about was Stephen Frears’ adaptation of Posy Simmonds’ Tamara Drewe. Here’s the just-released first official US trailer.

And finally, one we skipped because it’s happening on the small screen instead, is The Walking Dead. The SDCC-exclusive trailer for Frank Darabont’s vision of Robert Kirkman’s comic book was finally released into the wild this week. I got tense watching this, and I’ve already read it.

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