If Only We Could Read Faster

New books for August 10, 2010.
If time and money were infinite, this is what we would buy and read.
We could probably keep up for the first three weeks of August. It’s a slow time.

New in Paperback

The Sherriff of Yrnameer
by Michael Rubens
Rubens used to be a producer for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and when you stack this next to DS-writer Josh Lieb’s I Am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I Want To Be Your Class President, the line between the show’s comedic sensibility and Douglas Adams becomes unmistakeable. “Yrnameer” is a squish-up of “your name here”, in case you were wondering.
Read the first few pages on Amazon. Review at Topless Robot.

(Corrected September 27. Sorry about that, Michael — thanks for the heads-up!)

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