These Books Were Judged by Their Covers

AIGA, a 100 year-old non-profit association for design professionals, has announced their picks for the 50 best covers and the 50 best book designs in 2009. (Via.)

And of course while it’s true that we don’t judge books based on their covers, the cover is often an important first step towards a spot in the to-read pile. I love good design for books and hope that it won’t suffer in the digital age in the same way that album art has slowly degraded from vinyl sleeves to CDs to iTunes tags.

Looking over this list I was turned on to several books, largely because the brilliance of the design translated equally well even at such a reduced size, and I hope–probably in vain–that publishers will continue to generate full-sized art, rather than postage stamp designs that don’t scale up effectively.

(Check out the Hachette site for a high-resolution version of Rick Moody’s “Four Fingers of Death”–which made the AIGA list–and here for a pre-release review. A comic ode to Vonnegutian sci-fi? I’m sold. And it all started with the cover… )

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