Freedom™ By Daniel Suarez — It’s Not A Conspiracy, It’s An Economy

I caught up with Freedom™ Daniel Suarez’s sequel to The Daemon, a book I was enthusiastic about a few weeks ago. I was so keen on Daemon I immediately dove into Freedom and it has taken me a few weeks to decide if my enthusiasm for Daemon drove my enjoyment or if in fact it is a better book. It is a better book. It is better written and the concepts are more mature. The radio controlled Hummer in the first novel is taken to ridiculous ends in the second, but overall the thinking is really well developed and I was thrilled to follow along. The payoff I was hoping for at the end of book one was delivered in book two. And it was a really neat trick to switch readers’ sympathies from one book to the other. Can I say more without spoiling it? No. Not really. But the one thing I was disappointed about was religion isn’t mentioned in the second volume. At several points in The Daemon the algorithm asks characters if they believe in God. I thought this was setting up the exploration of God as kind of background process in society. That went no where, but perhaps I was reading too much into it. In any case, I am a card carrying Suarez fan and am super keen to see what he delivers next.

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